Hyperdrive ‘Many Nights’ : Coaxing mixture of piano-rock.. that dazzles as it builds.


Made up of Manley Presser, Luke Schmelzer and Matthew Archer, Hyperdrive’s single ‘Many Nights’ is a blend of operatic vibes driven to existence within the angsty emo-punk drizzle of sanity. A subtle move in delights and knee breaking disappointments, the stories that are told are incumbent on the honesty and integrity of the trio’s often piano driven vision of the song.

With ‘Many Nights’ the percussions and drums push forward the communication incentives, as it reminds you with every bar, where you might end up. A coaxing mixture of piano-rock and an experimental cast of operatic notes and vocals, deliver this visceral vision for what a song could be.

At the essence of this song is a vital wave of pop. But all of your senses vote to take reprieve from an alternatively excellence of new and exciting song making.

‘Many Nights’ is a grand ride that, in its majesty takes it into a more grittier and twisted realm.

The bois know what drama is all about, and they use it for full and dynamic effect.


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