Hypoluxo ‘Shock’ : Looms like an albatross flying over the vast and dangerous Atlantic Ocean.


Always with a middle finger to the powers that be – whether that be life, its odd quirks, love, and passions – Brooklyn’s Hypoluxo delivers the light and effervescent take of ‘Shock’ (featuring Kristina Moore of Koleżanka and Triathalon).

Written with the remaining pains that were felt by lead singer/guitarist Samuel Cogen, the loss of a family member beleaguers the heart’s temptation for normalcy of living. Written during his cousin’s funeral in Louisiana, while in Covid lock down, Samuel immersed his frustrations within each bar and lyric.

“I was mulling over the different facets of loss and how we cope with it, individually and as a community. The song was finished after I got back to Brooklyn and right around when Covid first hit here. It really came together when the eviction crisis began and we were all trying to figure out how to live with ourselves, and the immensity of the death and loss all around us. “Shock”, in the end, is about not being able to escape the things that scare you the most.”

Deeply rooted in the indie rock tradition, ‘Shock’ is much more positive in tone than its subject matter. Moreover, the angst to escape is large in the song, as it looms like an albatross flying over the vast and dangerous Atlantic Ocean. A journey fraught with dangers, but a grand reward, if you can make it through.

Look for the album ‘Flexible’ on November 20th.


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