I am HER ‘Big Monster’ : It’s okay. You’re not the only one.

I Am Her / Photo: Bob Mazzer

Fire = I am HER.

I am HER = Julie Riley.

Front woman Julie Riley’s gritty vocals are able to soar as the chorus arrives, sparkling with punk energy juices, fuzzing with seething passion reminiscent of the likes of The Kills or Hole.

About ‘Big Monster’ Julie said: “This song was triggered by someone telling me their experience of an anxiety attack. It got me thinking how anxiety/stress is like a beast separate to us that stalks us and preys on us.”

She’s got you now. And with throws of galaxies like ‘Big Monster’, it’s no wonder you’re under the spell.

It’s okay. You’re not the only one.

Julie (vocals guitar), formally of 90s cult band Rosa Mota, originally formed I am HER as a solo project in 2016. A year later, she then paired up with Jeff Townsin (drums) and the duo have gone from strength to strength ever since. Their album ‘Herstory’ received critical acclaim from Uncut and The Crack, as well as BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson, BBC Radio London’s Gary Crowley and BBC Radio Wales’ Janice Long to name a few.


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