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I Am Soyuz Share ‘Still I Fly’.

This Ukulele induced trip of a single from I AM SOYUZ is just like a flight over the dreamy Pacific Ocean, propelled and held by an Albatross, white wings, 12 feet wide. You traverse the wild weathers of the open watery desert, seeking out the one thing that can make you ‘whole’ again. The Ukulele calms your nerves, and drive the anguish within your soul, in a more manageable contemplative rigor.

“Calm yourself soldier. You can do this.”

The boundless Universe of souls un-documented, digitally manifest, the modern age of cynicism and curtailed round-about radicalism of the individual, flag waving concoctions. The intoxicating drivel of 1984, language, lavish your inhibitions, to a tune of $14 Billion – outspoken mouths, silenced without doubt.

I AM SOYUZ is Felicia Bozoky, and friends.

We dig her outputs.

And you should dig it, too.



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