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I Cried Wolf // Headphone Hair // Kane Miller // Erina // Va Banque

I Cried Wolf – BRKN

Formed in 2015, the hard rocking band from Oxfordshire kicks you into the next stratosphere with exhilarating licks and choral hooks in ‘BRKN’. With a hint of ‘death growl’, this single is just peaches. It’s exciting, quick, bright, layered, and took us on a slight galactic trip for a bit. The beginning lick is fabulous to engage. We don’t do hard-rock like this, but heck treading the line is what we do – just like I CRIED WOLF. The quintet has been touring and doing their thing with many of the top alt-rockers. The momentum just continues. Simple as that. The band consists of: Harry Davies, Alexander Gibbons, Louie Hodgson, Jacob Rudman, and Oli Hampshire.

Headphone Hair – Say That You Want Me

Indie-pop like this melts our hearts. Well, at least our brains. The aesthetics driven by nostalgia is golden in this fabulously tailored pastel colored extravaganza of a song. HEADPHONE HAIR’s ‘Say That You Want me’ is the fruit of artist Ian Walters. The Oakland, California based artist makes his duckets by rapturously teasing us with delectable synth droplets and tag-conscious cute-pop sensibilities. And we’re sold. Again. There’s more to the song and Ian, and we want more. You want more as well, right? Right.

Kane Miller – Coral Reef and Morning Dew

Seems there are so many artists who take trips to Nashville, Tennessee who get inspired by the journey, and/or by the end result of the journey. Either way, KANE MILLER took to heart and soul the trip that he took to Nashville, and wrote a song about that personal pilgrimage. “This song came out of a trip to Nashville, a rainy afternoon, a heartbreak and playing with guitars, a violin and synths. It’s about chasing after something that is already gone.” The single ‘Coral Reef And Morning Dew’ is a sentimental recompense for the dying thoughts of memories that start falling apart into pieces. And from that outcrop of angst, we strive to reach that summit again. And again, and again. Life sure is a journey. Let’s enjoy the ride. Let’s not be like Sisyphus. Let’s go.

Erina – It’s Not Personal

ERINA’s beautiful collection of sounds in each of their carefully packaged singles is always inspiring. In ‘It’s Not Personal’ their journey of story telling, continues with the constant strength of conviction, as we’d seen prior. The momentum continues, as the progressions within the song is dripping with warmth and understanding, as it assumes at attention to the gleam of life and the ultimate frailty of a soul, a person, and the life it wielded. From dark-folk chords, to the floating flute, contrasts the always present and airy vocals of lead vocalist Jessie Branch. What an experience. Their latest EP ‘Birdie’ is available now.

Va Banque – Transformer

VA BANQUE plays the tunes that feels natural. The air around their biologically framed bodies, are their instruments of choice. Their extension of transforming waves into soluble resolutions for our synaptic affections, keeps on continuing through singles like ‘Transformer’. Yes, it’s an instrumental, and from that ‘simplicity’ they make the kind of fireworks, not many can do. Whimsical chords, purposeful drums, and keys to meld all together, highlights this interesting and sticky single. The collective of artists call VA BANQUE a ‘musical home’ for their skills. Their latest album ‘Va Banque in Einzelteilen’ is out now.


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