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I Know The Chief shares ‘Saudade’. Dance Indie Anthem, Stepping And Skipping Into That Heart Of Yours.

There was a time when he wasn’t himself. The days were long, and the evenings were even longer. His day’s hours were filled with loitering in his room and home, doing his best to tick away the clock’s minutes as fast as possible. She wasn’t herself, at least the way she wanted to be in life. She kept herself busy with work, volunteering, and the daily visits to the local window pet shop. Her day was filled with under-answered questions posed within, and for the general world she seemed to occupy. One day, out of the blue, they danced. I Know The Chief’s new single ‘Saudade’ kept them bopping to the tune, lightening up the path to the next consecutive minutes.

And they continued to dance.

Alexa and Jack, didn’t know each other.

Alexa and Jack, lived in separate cities, hundreds of miles away.

They didn’t know they existed.

But the song kept them as relatives, for a moment, in this mysterious Universe of salutations and unconventional powers of seduction.

And ‘Saudade’, the indie-synth-pop anthem that is, confirms this connection. The connection of fibers in life’s unknown trials.

Alexa and Jack, now were linked, even if they didn’t know.

Chins up. Little smile. Day seems a bit brighter.


IKTC consists of: James Freeman, Jesse Stone, and Jackson Gray.



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