I.M YONI x Yasmin ‘Perfect Place (Remix by toucan sounds)’ : Wonderful vibes, for those summer nights.

Perfect Place / I.M Yoni - Yasmin - toucan

toucan sounds, Brooklyn, with the help of Yasmin, takes I.M YONI’s loving single ‘Perfect Place’ and makes it dance like you’d want it to. A groove indulging delight, the collaboration fruits new and wonderful vibes, for those summer nights.

I.M YONI is a group of creative women from different parts of the world, based in Mexico City who got united to address gender equality throughout art. The collective was formed by a musical group that produces original songs in Spanish and English within the genres Funk, R&B, Dance, Pop amongst others. Its members comprise of Estefani Brolo, the singer, songwriter, producer and vocalist of the band, Patterns; Josefa and Esperanza de Velasco, composers, orchestrators, producers, orchestra conductors and twin sisters; Ana Rizo, a guitarist and singer-songwriter who performs in her self-titled band; drummer and actress, Ximena Duggan; and Valeria Cruz, bassist, composer and guitarist of several international music groups.

Yasmin began her career as a DJ in 2006. Since then she has worked with the likes of Pharrell, Diplo, Nike, YSL and more. For the past 4 years she has been holding down a regular two hour slot on FM station – Rinse FM, garnering a loyal following of soulful music lovers worldwide. Yasmin has thrived internationally, with tours across Asia, Australia, Europe, North & South America under her belt. At age 22 Yasmin was signed to Ministry of Sound & Sony ATV as a singer/songwriter. She went on to release 3 solo singles charting in the UK Top 40. After parting ways with the label in 2012 she went on to collaborate independently with world renowned electronic artists such as Major Lazer, Gorgon City and most recently, french producer, Breakbot.

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happy #earthday from 🌎⚡️🖖🏽 peep the full clip on YouTube dir. by @samona_o 🎥 As we’ve all slowed down and the earth has had a chance to rest us humans have had a chance to reset. The need for new paradigms has become apparent, creativity has been sparked, and a passion for the world outside is burning like never before. But when all this is over, where will we go? How will we get there? Who will we meet? And what effect will we have? As we move forward, might we pack light, and learn to prioritise the journey, as well as the destination. Our routes may be disrupted, detours will have to be made, but we’ll find new ways to get there. Slower ways perhaps, but more scenic… On arriving might we seek out the independent, celebrate the alternative, and delve more deeply into the underground. Seek out the source, the history and the heritage. And whether our journeys take us near or far, Might we adopt these values closer to home, and have the same reverence for our own back yards as we do for the world at large. Our lack of trust in existing systems to have our best interests at heart has brought us back to the familiar, Families, friends, neighbours and our wider tribe. Through proximity or technology. This is nothing new, in fact it’s how humanity has survived and adapted throughout all of time. Our ancestors possessed a wisdom that we’re only just beginning to understand the importance of. Simplicity and survival. Community and connection. Now we share a common history, with all our brothers and sisters around the world. All histories show that hard times subside, and new realities are formed. So might we take this down-time to broaden our mental horizons, To see that there are other options, other ways of being and interacting with the earth. We now have an opportunity to proceed more purposefully, into a new world. What it will look like, is up to us. #staytrippin

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