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i shiver Shares Contemplative Single ‘low’. “Love. Hate. Everything in between.”

The rising waves crash upon a lonesome heart. Emotions abound with energies never profound. Insidious and beckoning, the resistance to the future hurt, scars with current premonition. Culminating in the predictions to come true, a provident journey, no will, no spontaneity.

But is this true? Are you not the future of me?

My future? Ours?

‘Low’ is the acoustic offering from Berlin based artist Konni. The reflective nature of the single with palpable reticence built into the lyrics, is a hesitation of our daily grind. The predictive nature of our unproductive future, encapsulates our real predicament.

Within this river of life, there’s just so much power we can wield.

But we shouldn’t give up, right?

We shouldn’t cow-tow, right?

We should fight on, right?

That’s right.

i shiver thinks so.

Love. Hate. And everything in between are hinged upon you and your sensibilities.

Your decision, mate.



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