I Wear* Experiment ‘UNWIND’ : Visceral based animal instincts. Beauty in its whole capacity.

I Wear* Experiment

Unwind is the follow up to the groups work for Ott Tänak The Movie soundtrack. Said I Wear* Experiment: “For us the whole vibe of the song felt like the perfect time to release it would be spring. It sounds hopeful and eager and full of calming freshness.”

“The idea for Unwind came from a conversation we had with each other of how older people around us fall into two categories – some decide at one point that they are waiting for death even though they have power in their body to rock on for years. In a way the mind gives up. And then the others- with their minds so full of life, their body gives up. And that’s a sad contradiction. So the song, in a way, is a reminder for our future selves not to give up living.”

About the video: “During the start of Covid-19 worldwide lockdown we had the idea that as there is so much sadness, chaos and unknown all around the world – we’d need something to calm ourselves and remind ourselves that there are so many things that bring us joy and beauty. So we asked our fans and friends to send us videos that bring joy and beauty for themselves. We received videos from Japan., China, US, Netherlands, Philippines, France, Estonia, Singapore, Belgium.”

The Estonian trio comes with us bare knuckle drops and digitized realities dressed in the sun drenched style of the beach. It harkens to our visceral based animal instincts, and it does it with vigor and atmosphere.

I WEAR* EXPERIMENT’s beautiful exhibitions consists of the talents of: Hando Jaksi, Mikk Simson & Johanna Eenma.


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