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I Will Keep Your Ghost Shares Single ‘1964’.

I Will Keep Your Ghost (IWKYG) shares latest single ‘1964’ and the transportive synth pop band brings the goods as the single sets off the direct guitar work up against what it can be said as a declaration for measuredness and logical progression of our beautiful life.

IWKYG consists of Bryan Bradley, Sarah Feinberg, and Doug Evans, and the trio of alchemists mix the U2 feeling airiness with the profound stylistics of a band like Keane. However, the end result is very American, with a twist of the West Coast. With adaptive and unique vocals of band lead, Bryan Bradley, unassumingly suggests the road ahead, and the results that could be. The possibilities increase with every note throughout the song.

The language of IWKYG’s body of work varies and is different, as it deems it. IWKYG’s output feel is very welcomed.

The band has been entertaining the West Coast for a long while now, and we’re glad we got to get to know them, just a bit better, too.


I Will Keep Your Ghost ‘OPTIONS’EP Available March 23, 2018.



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