Ian Abel ‘Mirror Mirror’ : Tender, uplifting, and powerfully driving ballad.

Ian Abel

Queer alt-pop artist Ian Abel sings about getting over his ex in a tender, uplifting, and powerfully driving ballad ‘Mirror Mirror’. The confessional, pining track came from an experience Abel had years after his first big breakup while sifting through old emails.

“I was honestly still totally hung up on it,” said Ian. “I thought my ex and I were meant for each other. But reading old emails it suddenly dawned on me that we weren’t perfect after all… I realized that the version of us I had in my head wasn’t really how it was, and it was like a huge weight was lifted.”

‘Mirror Mirror’ is Abel’s second single of 2020. His first single ‘Taste’ was released in May and received praise from numerous blogs and playlisters, including a glowing review from American Pancake’s Rob Donker Curtius, who called it a “deeply engaging blend of genres and art pop tones.”

In addition to being released across music platforms, ‘Mirror Mirror’ is accompanied by a trippy video performance featuring lush, evocative projections, produced, directed, and edited by Abel himself.


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