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IAN GUERIN’s Single ‘Roll The Dice’ Helps You Deal…In Your Secret Love For Pop.

IAN GUERIN is a machine. He pumps out his fun singles out like it’s just a daily slice of life. Easy, fun, and more fun. The lyrics put on top of the way Ian’s vocals come to play on the tracks, make it playful and serious at the same time.

When you put that along a layer of a music video like ‘Roll The Dice’, then you get easy accessibility to Ian’s sense of music, focus, and indomitable will for what pop is to him.

“All the things I like converge in one common place & that is that I like doing them alone. I know a lot of people that I like, but I have few friends, I’m very sociable & get along well with almost everybody I come across, but the relationships I treasure, work on & follow-up on the most are those with myself, my closer family, my girl (if there is one) & my inner circle of friends.”

The quirk that Ian possesses and shows most affably in his productions, is where we get sweet on his outputs.

The no nonsense and addictive singles makes it for a great night at the ‘Pop Festival de Guerin’.



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