Ian Kimmel Shares ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’. “Pounce. Like A Lion. Dine With Ian.”

IAN KIMMEL bring us this beautiful electro-pop diddy that we kinda adore. When pop goes in such a direction, we pounce. Not literally, because we’re recovering from exercise, but ‘virtually pounce’. And it’s easy to do with ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’, for it is airy, light, breezy, unpretentious, hooky, and devoid of many typical pop elements.

And that’s a fabulous place to start.

Ian, we believe, is fully aware of this as well. Now in his latest offering, his sensibilities dive in and out of consciousness and slice up notions of our habits in relationships and personal thoughts.

And the gift of uplifting and an ‘oh well’ attitude to sometimes silly personal challenges, is where Ian’s narratives hit us on the head with a sledge hammer.


But go forward.

You’re bigger than this silly thing.

Ian’s a pop artist, and his music weaves from the conventional candy-coated tastes to gems like ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’. Which is a good thing for us, who apparently need some up-lifting.

At least we have that to look forward to.

‘Scrolling’ is Ian’s latest album, and it is available now.



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