Ian McFarland ‘More Blue’ : Aspirational keys and effervescent lyrical expressions.

Ian McFarland

‘More Blue’ from Ian McFarland is a quintessential vibe of long rock from another decade, which brings aspirational keys and effervescent lyrical expressions.

Ian McFarland is a songwriter from Portsmouth, NH who has lived in Brooklyn, Boston, Los Angeles, and Valencia (Spain). He has been releasing music in a number of projects since he was 13 years old and is currently based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Ian learned about music from an uncle who was roommates with Bob Dylan and gave Mama Cass her first job at a coffeeshop. This was nourished by parents who drove him around the coast listening to a variety of music from pop punk like Green Day and Fall Out Boy to classics like the Beach Boys and Earth Wind and Fire.

On the weekend Ian likes to get a coffee and walk to the Brooklyn Heights.


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