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Ian McFarland Shares ‘Growing Out My Hair’. Just Wanted More. Wasn’t To Be This Time.

IAN MCFARLAND’s ‘Growing Out My Hair’ is a tale about a guy’s trial with a move of residence. Moving is challenging enough, but moving to a whole different state is even more.

Of course, the act of moving isn’t the interesting part, or the only part. It’s always about the process of thoughts and relevance the person receives from a particular experience.

In this tale, it wasn’t what he wanted or was expecting.

Ian’s not too specific on this, but it was enough of a significance, that a song was birthed.

Well, at least there’s a happy ending, artistically.

Ian does his ‘own’ thing. He’s sometimes all over the map with this productions of songs, but that’s because we believe he has so much to say in so many subjects.



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