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Ian Randall Thornton Shares ‘North & South’. “Adding sparkles back into our visions of life.”

Beautifully laid, on that bed of rose petals, Ian Randall Thornton’s latest single ‘North & South’ is a spiritual step, of mind and body; searching in desperation, calm in nature. ‘North & South’ is off of his upcoming sophomore album ‘Wide Open’ (February 2020).

Norfolk Virginia based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and composer works on his bodies of music with a classically trained attitude. Vibrant with masonic and iconic slates of moods, the slats of iron and rare ores of emotional contemplation, meld together with uncompromising craft.

Said Ian: “I found myself, along with my family and friends, in an extremely stressful season, and my only solution was to start creating music that fought against the stress and anxiety that so many of us tolerate in our life. I set out to write a record about peace but quickly found myself writing about letting go. Sometimes it’s our feeble attempt to grasp for “control” that drives most of us insane, and it’s the humble practice of letting go of that so-called “control” that leads us back to finding peace in the middle of chaos.”

Thornton began his musical exploration at age seven, as he delved into classical music first, playing upright bass in orchestras and jazz bands from a very young age. As he progressed through adolescence, he expanded his sonic palate through playing bass in multiple bands and genres including punk, indie rock, folk and post-rock.

The mix of genres, expertly digest, then forged on the canvass of life, Ian’s images in describing what he’s felt and experienced, comes to life on his audible canvasses. Mangled with internal fusions of cultivated knowledge, conflicted by new and nuanced information from a growing self, Ian’s passages of maturity is seen and felt through the songs of progress and progression.

The delightful menagerie of sights and sounds, reflect passively off of his walls of grace and shimmer. Where we get to sit by the sidelines, glancing at the stars of his words, adding those often missed sparkles into our own visions of life.

See Ian next @ Hickory Trading Company, Chesapeake Virginia, November 1st.



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