Ian Wallis ‘Abyssal Plain’ : Makes us feel good, in a sea of gray.

Ian Wallis

“I did an album many years ago under the name of The Codhead Quartet called You’re so deep you need filling in, it received 3 stars in Q magazine and various plays on radio including John Peel. I then did an album called residue. I’ve recently written some new songs on here called ‘touchpoints’, ‘scapegoat’, ‘energise’ and ‘abyssal plain’.”

Ian Wallis’ vocals makes this single sing like crazy. Like a dove floating in a dream, the asserted angst of the song, envelopes like the dew of the morning, moist with emblems and chilled to the core. The guitar works is nu-grunge/shoegaze mixtures that work like crazy to make you feel at home.

Even in this harsh side of life, it’s a part of what’s going to make us feel good, in a sea of gray.


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