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ICELANDIA – Miracle Caught on Camera. “I Miss You…At The Corner Of My Mind’s Street Corner.”

“I miss you. But just a in parts. Your skin. Your eyes. Your fingers. Your knees. Your lips. I congregate those thoughts at the corner of my mind’s street corner. I miss you.”

We’d thought from the surface, that the single was a ‘typical’ act in a sea of synth-pop acts. The formula is the market tested, taste making, oaky satisfaction we come to love. The synth drives apart the cynical look into what life can be; it makes the listener smile and dance. The lyrics calm the nerves, for it’s about ‘her’, it’s about ‘him’ – the appetite for love and its fortunes.

Then you listen closer. Yes. A bit closer.

You realize, the significance.

It touches you.

It scolds you.

It caresses you.

“You were meant for me.”

The single at the deeper layer, evokes the kind of pop that we deem relevant (at least for us at CHF). A sacrificial and altruistic offering of emotions communicated in sound and waves. This song is gentle, and at the same time, affectionate.

It’s a good way to start a Friday night cap with the one you love.

The band consists of gents: Anthony Martens, Scott Andrew Nettleton, and Steven Cogbill.

Album is out now.



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