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Ichabod Wolf Shares ‘The Fall of Saigon’. “Uniqueness. Substance. Glorious.”

Yes. What were your thoughts when Kieran Smith’s (ICHABOD WOLF) voice entered the stage? Pleasant surprise? Shock? Confusion? Misgivings? We had the same reaction, and our eye-brows went up towards the sky and it hasn’t come down yet.

His voice or his song is G.L.O.R.I.O.U.S.

What a curve ball!

However, the best part of his voice is how it is ‘perfect’ for his subject and tracks. The ‘other-planet’ vocals changes the landscape of what music is supposed to occupy, turning it 180 degrees into a distortion that opens up a kind of musical chapter that we maybe wanted, but never knew we could access.

ICHABOD gives us the key.

“With these songs, I hope to offer an alternative to the arts’ default portrayal of northern council-estates as sensationalized squalor. Instead I have written about what I’ve seen; beautiful souls in unforgiving times.” – Ichabod Wolf.

Now, unique vocals don’t have staying power, unless there’s substance.

And when you listen to his lyrics, the folk lyrical construction philosophy is beautiful, thought-through, careful, and expressive as can be. The gravity of his lyrical output, is evident from his DEMO and to this particular single ‘The Fall Of Saigon’.

The one-two punch of ICHABOD WOLF is cool to feel.

And now, you can listen, ponder, scratch your head, then ‘just love’ his body of work.

Kudos, Kiernan. Kudos.

Looking forward to your future release, for sure.

Can’t wait.



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