Idle Joy ‘Little Rain’ : Revelatory effervescence toward the un-fair and challenging.

Idle Joy / Photo: provided by band

Idle Joy is a four-piece rock and roll band from San Francisco, California. Through honest lyricism, concise songwriting, and spontaneous musical interplay, the band puts on a compelling and energetic show. Said the band: “This song was written about confronting hard truths head on.”

Idle Joy could be considered a fabulously well kept secret. A secret that pours genuine words with emphatically victorious ensembles of notes and vibes.

The band formed when guitarists Daniel Lavezzo and Tom Conneely started sharing songs after shifts at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Northern California, and ultimately found its sound with the addition of Alex Coltharp on drums and Steve Jaegar on bass.

From bluesy rock, decadent in purposeful strums and idillic consumption of raw emotions – ‘Little Rain’ is a part of the full LP ‘Your Stars’, where it helps to shine with conviction and revelatory effervescence toward the un-fair and challenging.

It’s out now where experience is fabulous.


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