iides ‘Clear the Air’ : Enchantment garners gorgeous reciprocation.


‘Clear the Air’ is the final song on love in the time of climate change, by iides. The new project from indie-pop producer Katie Buchanan is a body of work bare and raw, in the effort to shake some sense into our heavy costs of living in this day and age. Beautiful vocals, enlightened by the shimmering light of possibilities and optimism, Katie’s lyrical enchantment garners gorgeous reciprocation.

Written well before our current existential crisis, the EP speaks even more loudly, boldly, and with a thrusting angst that delivers.

How do you write a love song while the world dies? how do you take action when nothing seems to matter? how do you find peace in hopelessness? how do you continue to love all the same?

Debut EP, ‘Love in the Time of Climate Change’, is out now.


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