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iiola – Chewing Gum

What is that ‘left-field’ of pop? Will iiola’s single ‘Chewing Gum’ be there waiting for you in that side of the equation? YES. And you melt. Why? Because you, us, all the world, are nothing at the feet of iiola’s diminiuative but Galactic expressions of words and emotions in her song. We all pale at the glance of this synthesizer driven and incredulous statement of beauty. We pale at the brokenness of our reflection, truth in words, and perfectly constructed. ‘Chewing Gum’ is taste, for learning to enjoy the temporary. The bursting of colors, are the hallmark of this single, and as the speckles of textures, grift away the certainties, you chew and spit out the bad and the negative. iiola’s not afraid of such allusions. She’s not afraid of no concept. She makes it her own through vulnerabilities in poetry and social examinations. Enjoy the gum of life. Let’s get ready another stick. Let’s move forward. Look for her next single ‘Threads’.

Jon Bryant – Ya Ya Ya Ya

Jon is a perpetual part of many rotations. He’s that good. He’s ‘flow’. JON BRYANT is the project and the funky love song in ‘Ya Ya Ya Ya’ is unmistakably unrelenting in its sourcing of emotions – of unrequited deluge of love, of kisses, of regrets, of the here and now. Talking about his latest album ‘Cult Classic’, Jon stated: “Over the past few years I’ve really become a skeptic. Thanks to social media, politics, religion and news media, etc…Many songs on the album reflect that skepticism and emphasize the ways I’ve evolved as both a writer and person; spiritually, mentally and emotionally.” The Vancouver Canada originating artist added: ““When you hear this, I hope you walk away feeling hopeful in knowing that, despite how fucked up this world is, you are absolutely beautiful and complete” he leaves off. “All the joy, love, passion and hope in life is within you, waiting to be unlocked. It sounds cliché to say but the album is proof.” Jon is a unique animal, and he knows it. His beautiful hymns keep us fixed, and continues to do so.

Rebecca Phillips – Pedestal

Her highness has entered into the fray. ‘Pedestal’ is REBECCA PHILLIPS’ statement of fact. It is the plunging neckline that deviates. It is the muscles that beckon you to him. It is the wrecking twists in sounds and permanence where Rebecca’s vocals hit with planetary might. The subtle vigor of each and every word from Rebecca’s expressions, live and grow through the nourishment fed through each note. In ‘Pedestal’ it is the delivery that is significant and palpable. It evolves delectably from song to art, then a silky trance of nature and what it means to exist in this world. Her highness has entered into YOUR fray.

Maari – That Summer

“‘That Summer’ explores our deepest need for love, affection and validation whilst tackling the guilt and pain of a dying love,” said MAARI. And the heat is too hot to handle. ‘That Summer’ might be the perfect ingredient to all that is nostalgic but has the gumption to be so very delicious in its originality in attitude. Perfectly organized and arranged, Bronte Maree’s fabulously effervescent and exuding-ly confident vocals, highlight Kabusii’s framing and production. With impeccable hooks, digging in with all its might, you don’t care. You will let it do as it pleases over your senses. The 80’s vibe, of leather jackets and neon bandanas, bring the thoughts of early Madonna music videos and making love with the one you love, in the back of the car. The perfect moment, rushes, and you invite its goodness with open arms. A delight of a single that lingers, to be sure.

Harry Parsons – Scars

Innocence of love, blindingly aggregate, we all triumph for a time as it digs deep with longing gaze and utter determination to be. Love keeps to its lane, as we humans deviate, in and out, as whimsy drives us to unpredictability. But we need it to be as such. It’s not science and it’s not a written rule. We love, as love comes upon our lives. The hardships and the goodness, relives through the pieces of our day to day. UK born HARRY PARSONS, delivers with tropical chords in ‘Scars’ as the Auckland, New Zealand based artist continues on that journey to the stars. The bright but melancholic message of ‘Scars’ is the kind of complexity Harry’s lyrics wants to lay on the table. From his point of view, it is the only way to dig deep into the selfless and the betrayals of our unrelenting but foolish hearts. He has performed with artists like Tash Sultana, Don McGlashan and Lime Cordiale. Look for more from Harry as 2019 rolls on.


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