IKSRE ‘August’ : The velvet curtain opens into a terrestrial precipice of unfettered confidence and will to survive.

IKSRE / Photo: Roman Anastasios

Like a grand orchestra of sights and sounds, the velvet curtain opens into a terrestrial precipice of unfettered confidence and will to survive. ‘August’ is the latest from Melburnian singer, songwriter, violist and producer, Phoebe Dubar, and it takes you away to a far of land of spice and prevalence, all human – all humane.

The project is named IKSRE (I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere), and the solo project from the artist, is resolute in sensitivities, absolute in the potential of all, and never negates the possibilities of overcoming the fears that mar our delicate lives.

“I wrote this in ‘August’ last year,” said Phoebe. “It’s the end of winter in Melbourne, the coldest month before spring. It’s when everyone escapes to warmer climes. But as ugly and dark as it is, I see the beauty in it too. It’s like the darkest hour before the dawn, or empty lungs before the inhale breath. Just when you think things can’t get any darker or emptier, then you see a glimmer of sunshine and everything turns around. Things get better.”

She continued: “I planned on releasing this song earlier in the year but held it back in favour of writing (her previous single) ‘Wylah’, my hymn to the Bushfires. How could I ever have predicted that the crisis we faced as Australians would be engulfed by the crisis faced by all of humanity, only two months later. But I feel this song is so perfectly timed to be released now. We’re in the dark now. Our lungs and hearts feel empty. But if we look at the clear, blue skies above, hear the birds and the quiet streets below, and learn to appreciate this new, slower pace of life, then maybe we can see that glimmer of sunshine ahead.”

Phoebe is a champion of the people that lives and does their best in this world. As challenging times and of dark hours, her music is to remind her listeners that there can always be a return of the Phoenix, rising from those ashes.

She lives in the optimism, even when reality seems, so very hard at times.

Shouldn’t we all?


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