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illuminati hotties Joins Tiny Engines. Debut Album ‘Kiss Yr Frenemies’ Drops May 11th.

Tainted by the dirty thoughts on that road of growing up. And growing up on that sunny asphalts of mid-suburbia slash torn streets of downtown business districts – delightfully detract and dangles the memories for the future. It’s a beautiful tale of happiness, built on the now, not the past. Let’s run. We don’t need the stress.

The bedroom-garage pop indie rocker, illuminati hotties, has the requisites to bring forth those adolescent feelings. But it’s very fair to do so. Our lives dawn on that one second when things change, not for the better, but for the ‘different’.

Things change, things evolve – things do so in a neutral light. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not a good thing.

Let’s move on.

Anywho, the band has been doing it their own way and the momentum seems to be getting harder and harder to brake.And now with the announcement of joining the gang at Tiny Engines, illuminati hotties is looking to go another level higher. The band joins other acts such as Adult Mom, Floral Print, Jouska, Long Neck, Peaer, Runaway Brother, See Through Dresses.

Somebody called illuminati hotties part of a ‘tenderpunk’ sub-genre, demonstrated through a blend of sweetness and ferocity. However, they’re just fabulously awesome to us, and looking for more and more.

The new upcoming Album ‘Kiss Yr Frenemies’ drops May 11th.

Buy Album [HERE]



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