Imaginary People ‘Hometown’ : Dangle delightfully in this centered shine.

Imaginary People

New York City-based band Imaginary People have announced the release of their third full-length album ‘Alibi’.

“Our society is falling apart and the ins and outs of our cultural differences are splitting – it feels like what one person says is right and what the other person says is wrong and that’s it. The whole time we were doing the record, it felt like normalcy was falling apart. The things you’d think would ordinarily be right and wrong aren’t happening anymore, and that was very disturbing to me.”


“Imaginary People are just in our own little world,” said Von Wagner. “I don’t think we really participate, we live in New York and it was made here, but we just keep to ourselves. I don’t know where this stuff comes from or why I feel this way and write this. I feel like it’s a weird addiction that I can’t shake, and I don’t think any psychoanalysis is going to shed light on it.”

Conscious and delivered, a previous notions of interactions, dangle delightfully in this centered shine.

Deep, indeed.

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Next single soon..

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Playback crazy eight vid

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