Imber ‘Fall Over’ : A gander for what ills. A delight of vocal ember.


Imber is the solo project of Bristol based musician and producer Ben Imber. “‘Fall Over’ was inspired by embracing situations that make you vulnerable. At the time it’ll make you uncomfortable, but if you don’t leave your comfort zone you’ll never know how much you could do.”

“I was also inspired by social media,” continued Imber. “When you scroll down your feed you often see the highlights and rarely the boring negative sides of life, I think this can be good because it makes you aspire to do more, but sometimes I think it can make you set unrealistic expectations that can make you feel complacent.”

Gentle sweeps of reticence quell at the vexing ambiguities of the macros versus the micro. A precise internment of emotive extremities, collide in a five by five invocation for lust and personal strife.

A gander for what ills. A delight of vocal ember.

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