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IMBIBE Shares ‘Touchdown’. “The Art Chic Cool-ness Is Real.”

Berlin-based, Australian brothers Tennyson and Holden Nobel are IMBIBE. ‘Touchdown’ is the follow up to the hit, ‘Mirage’. The duo has put a spin on the funk/electronica vibe branded closely to their sensibilities. Although the indie-rock-pop elements are apparent, somehow they have managed to incorporate a haze and an aura of digital dance eccentricities rarely visible or easily delivered for ear consumption. All of this starts with the demure but comfy pop vocals of Tennyson.

The world is better.

The world is calmer, with IMBIBE.

‘Touchdown’ is the first glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of the brother duo, landing in Europe for the first time. The result are the lyrics that now decorates this delicious intrigue.

The art chic cool-ness is real in ‘Touchdown’.

“It’s a song all about human connection and being present in the moment, not be swept away by all the other stuff the world asks of us,” Tennyson commented about the single.

Next stop is a soon to be announced tour of North America.

Right on.



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