Imbibe ‘Sometimes’ : Beautifully made. Lovingly crafted. Energetically embraced.


‘Sometimes’ is the latest song from Australian duo, Imbibe. Brothers Tennyson and Holden Nobel create a classic pop sound, authentic and thoughtful. ‘Sometimes’ continues the band’s revival of a retro piano pop sound that is revitalized and refreshed to place the band amongst their bedroom pop contemporaries.

The brothers have been sharing music together since they were kids, learning from their songwriter Dad. It was the start of a mad, musical immersion – Mozart one day, McCartney or Randy Newman the next. With a burning desire for new musical possibilities, the brothers traded their backyard in Byron Bay to a bedroom in Berlin in 2018. ‘Sometimes’ shows how far this journey has taken them.

Berlin based Australian band Imbibe is a musical partnership between brothers Tennyson and Holden Nobel. Music is in their blood and their bones too. They aspire to write and perform music that absorbs and moves people by telling stories we can all relate to.


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