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Imitating Aeroplanes – Hourglass

Imitating Aeroplanes’ Hourglass is a hazing rendition for what metamorphosis we let happen, in our lives, in our relationships, in our love. Could be bad. Could be good. Always a large swath of Gray, that makes us anxious.

It’s normal though.

It’s normal that we think things are happening to us – in an island, isolated, utterly alone. That our sufferings and ‘wanting of amnesia’ only happens to ‘regular’ people, like yourself. That the lone voice, is lost in the concrete jungle.

It’s normal though.

There are plenty who suffer and weather the storms that hang around our necks like unrelenting bags of guilt. They think they’re alone too.

But it’s not normal to think you’re alone. You’re not alone.

Take heed. Take into heart.

You can get though it. You can just go forward. Think it through. It’s temporary.

Fight through, up towards the surface of the water.

Because it feels good up there.

Imitating Aeroplanes is a project between Tord Øverland Knudsen and Marius Drogsås Hagen. Their electronic pop disseminations are poignant spearheads; gliding towards their destined musical amazonian destiny.

Their debut single was releases July of 2017. Their debut Album was released in September 2017.

They’re rep’ed by Propeller Recordings, that interesting label that just keeps on the Norwegian indie scene chugging along.



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