Imogen Clark ‘Found me’ : Inspiration that keeps that fire going for all.

Imogen Clark

Clark found herself at the middle of last year with personal and professional relationships breaking down and beginning. So, like a fighter, she was feeling that she needed to be bigger, and brasher, somehow more aggressive but also more vulnerable in trying to reconcile all of that.

“I’d just ended the most serious romantic relationship of my life,” said Imogen. “I was doubting every decision I’d made, who I was as a person and my path forward as an artist. One night I couldn’t get to sleep and sat down at my friend’s piano in London and wrote the song The Making of Me, which became my manifesto. If I could make it through this year, the version of me that survived was going to be stronger, sharper and more complete, and ready to embrace all the parts of me that other people had rejected”.

She ended up in LA after a tour with Clare Bowen and got together with Mike Bloom (Rilo Kiley, Julian Casablancas, Jonathan Rice, Rachael Yamagata) to cut some demos which were so successful they found themselves making an album.

A huge part of the process of making this EP, and this song, in particular, was allowing herself to embrace parts of who she is and the music that she had previously been too afraid to because people told her she couldn’t or because she was trying to make herself fit into someone else’s idea of authentic art, which unfortunately a hurdle a lot of female artists find themselves having to jump over.

Imogen is found. She’s found where she needs to be. And with ‘Found Me’, it’s that inspirational middle8 that keeps that fire going for all the listening ears. An burst of exuberance of realizing where you’d been, and where to get there; the clarity in which you have, in a nano-second, rebuilt your whole strata of being.

Inspirational indeed. Hear the new and evolving, Imogen Clark.

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Thank you @essentiallypop for the write up on Found Me! ❤️🥂 “The songs on this EP are the by product of a year that found Imogen picking up the pieces and putting together a new version of herself. A huge part of the process of making this EP, and this song, in particular, was allowing herself to embrace imperfections, and make the kind of music that she had previously been too afraid to pursue due to outside forces trying to fit her into someone else’s idea of what is authentic… Imogen has finally come to a point in her life where she stopped caring about the surrounding noise and outside opinions and is writing songs that represent all of who she is. She equally adores artists like @taylorswift and @springsteen and is now making the music that reflects that.” – ✨ 📸 by @mrjeremydylan

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