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Imperial Daze ‘1000 Lives’ is a cool, collected, silent assassin. Watch your heart’s wallet.

Starts with our love of that first bar of synth notes. Then it’s up from there. What can we say. The complexities of the band, with mix of jazz, synth, rock, pop elements – just gets us to ‘Oh yea’. Imperial Daze’s 1000 Lives is a fab tune. Just watch out; it might steal your inhibitions.

And it does.

In a land of plenty, she walked to that little store in the middle of nowhere. It was only ‘nowhere’ to her. In her mind, it was in the Sahara desert, middle of a salty lake oasis.

But she was wrong, of course. That store lived in the reality of ‘now’.

Traffic was packed, and the downtown city streets were swarming with the bodies of the after-work bees. Their hurried steps towards home was apparent. And this was the way it was, every evening.

And that store she frequented, was in the middle of it all, just standing there, proud to be in business – proud to service its patrons.

The signage was of aluminum and the store front had stickers – warning of minors, and accepting credit cards. But not American Express, she noticed, weirdly.

She stepped towards that building. She was alone in that desert.

The need was palpable.

One of those evening bees bumped into her.

She woke.

Imperial Daze’s body of work seems to be in a ‘haze’ – pinpointing where we’d like to be versus, where we’d been. It’s an intrinsic button, and it’s hard to grasp.

The sensibility of ‘1000 Lives’ digs at our unknown muscles – quite and cramped.

It’s a fab song, with fab underpinnings.

Too much read into it?

We’re not sure.

Kudos, Imperial Daze. Kudos.



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