Imperial Daze ‘Centerpole’ : Seriousness of the subject. Melancholic optimism.

Look for their upcoming early 2020 EP.

Imperial Daze

“‘Centerpole’ is about a dialogue with someone close who is stuck in a loop and struggling with addiction, depression and self-doubt.”

A vibin’ cajoling exercise for our decadent hedonism, Imperial Daze’s single ‘Centerpole’ delivers in heft the seriousness of the subject, but downright pulls ahead with a melancholic optimism and uplifting pleasurable center.

The groovy precipice dawns on the delectable crooning offering, that dips its toes of musical sentiments into a time warp of styles that span the 90’s and into the current era.

Imperial Daze are a psych-pop band from South London. In June of 2019, they released their latest EP, ‘Surfaces Sensibles’, and received a very positive response from UK radio, with singles being playlisted on Radio X and Amazing Radio as well as receiving a multitude of spot plays and being invited for interviews with the likes of Amy Lame and Guy Garvey over at BBC6 Music.

‘Centerpole’ is that followup that is perfect to add to the pallet that Imperial Daze had already added to the musical Universe.

With tint of wit and pragmatic optimism, the cool branding of the band, continues to dig at the hearts and minds of its fans and listeners.

‘Centerpole’ is a part of the upcoming self-produced EP ‘a login to SMTHNG’ (early 2020).


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