Imperial Daze ‘Monomania’ : “Impulsive, unstable and potentially destructive side of who we are.”

Imperial Daze

Imperial Daze are a psych-pop band from South London. In June of 2019, they released their latest EP, ‘Surfaces Sensibles’, and received a very positive response from UK radio, with singles being playlisted on Radio X and Amazing Radio as well as receiving a multitude of spot plays and being invited for interviews with the likes of Amy Lame and Guy Garvey over at BBC6 Music.

It is a fast paced, heavy & choppy psychedelic rock track, lyrically lead by a schizophrenic dialogue between the singer, Al Ward, and a version of himself he doesn’t quite have control over. In 19th-century psychiatry, monomania (from Greek monos, one, and mania, meaning “madness” or “frenzy”) was a form of partial insanity conceived as single pathological preoccupation in an otherwise sound mind… In this case, it’s an acknowledgement of the impulsive, unstable and potentially destructive side of who we are – for better or for worse.”

‘Monomania’ follows ‘Centerpole’ – a single that is about a dialogue with someone close who is stuck in a loop and struggling with addiction, depression and self-doubt, in which we’d called it “A vibin’ cajoling exercise for our decadent hedonism; delivers in heft the seriousness of the subject, but downright pulls ahead with a melancholic optimism and uplifting pleasurable center.”

That kind of sentiment continues with ‘Monomania’.


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