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imugi (이무기) – Paradise

Imugi’s Paradise transpires from the concrete, just like the flower cracking the hard surface – making the day bright, once more. The song has a very ‘old school’ epitaph to it, and it’s advertises rightly its discerning taste and wrecking ball like musical sub-tactics to our senses.

It’s a fab ‘chill’ song.

Have a beautiful girl (or guy) next to you? Not going anywhere from that living room?

Take a bottle of white wine out.

Turn on Paradise.

Then gently caress her. Look into her eyes.

Tell her ‘I love you’.

As she replies back, ‘I love you too’, with her eyes.

Kiss her, she kisses you.

Embrace her warmth. She embraces her future.

The band is headed by duo, Carl and Yery. Seems like they’ve forged their style and future musical plans.

We dig their music.

We’d suggest getting to know Carl’s musical sensibilities, and the fabulous ‘soothing’ of Yery’s vocals.

It’s a good combo, we say.

Go, go you two. Keep on keepin’ on!



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