In The Belly Of A Snake ‘She’s The Sun’ : Get swept. If you can.

In The Belly Of A Snake

Started by meeting in Cambridge based band ‘From The Sticks’. Ricky Butcher (Vocals/Lyrics/Artwork) & Bobby Jennings (Music/Guitars) began working on demo’s in the summer of 2019 for this new project.

The band stated that this is “a song is about the moon and the sun being in love.”

When you think about the moving bodies, up in the sky, serenely moving ebbing and flowing, the intentions of solutions deliver with the counsel for goodness and love. A love that is whole, deep, exciting, and seemingly forever.

That’s what we little beings of short tempers and short horizons, toil and live and die on this blue marble – thinking about what it could be, to fly in the space of the dark and cold of that exact ‘forever’.

Don’t let it ruin it for you.

Fall in love. If you can. If you have that chance.

Get swept.


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