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In WHY ANOTHER’s Sterling Art-Piece Single ‘Why’, Innovation In Sound Is Delivered With Emotional Deference.

WHY ANOTHER is an band based in Boston. The band’s creative palette is as wide as talented, with brilliant usage of musical language, and structural arrangements, as complex as the listener might want. Culmination of emotions and dexterous hinges in defining what strips of life’s blood might feel like, the innovative single ‘Why’ makes you cringe with unadulterated delight.

The single is an art piece.

Headed by Adi Malka, the band mixes formulas of pastel and primary colors to show the decadence and vulnerability of human impasses. The raw energy isn’t defined by the hardness of the chords, but the soft-stick in ‘Why’ is heavy and substantive, as any that is thrown out into the wilds. The eclectic surrealism, highlights contemptuous realities, in a hue and brilliance in musical reverence.

The single is quite an emotional innovation.

Accompanying this fabulous single, the official video, animated by Oliver Hudson (@olliehudson) is credible, belligerent, radical, and emotive as the song.

Get to know WHY ANOTHER as they advance upwards in the indie music scene.



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