INDIE BINGE JERSEY CITY: Day with some of the area’s best indie-pop & indie-rock bands @ Pet Shop JC

Another year and another show. And On November 9th, many of the area’s best indie-pop & indie-rock bands will gather together at one of Jersey City’s fabulous venues for music, Pet Shop.

Should be a doozy of a good time, to be sure.

November 9th, 2019
@ Pet Shop, Jersey City, NJ
FREE 10:30am-6:30pm

CHF is proud to be one of the participating sponsors for INDIE BINGE. Brought to you by indie label Mint 400 and Pet Shop, a total of near 30 bands will be featured at the first year’s monikered event. It replaces NORTH JERSEY INDIE ROCK FESTIVAL, which had a successful 3 season run.

And why the change of name and priorities? As co-founder of NORTH JERSEY INDIE ROCK FESTIVAL and founder of record label Mint 400, Neil Sabatino, puts it, it’s all about keeping in line with the original core mission of the festival.

“This year Mint 400 Records has decided we are going to be discontinuing the North Jersey Indie Rock Fest,” stated Sabatino. “It kind of grew to the point that we were expected to do the show at White Eagle Hall or a large venue and in order to do that we would be forced to ask much larger bands to play and lose focus on what the event was really about, which is local bands. We also enjoyed the format of having labels only involved but are broadening our scope a bit.”

“What we came up with is called “Indie Binge”, Sabatino continued. “It will be happening at Pet Shop in Jersey City on November 9th, 2019, 10:30am-6pm and it’s completely free. It will include close to 30 bands on 3 stages. We are inviting lots of industry people and tons of bands in the hopes that this will be a great showcase and networking experience for everyone.”

NORTH JERSEY INDIE ROCK FESTIVAL’s maiden 2016 event took place at Cathedral Hall, formerly St. Bridget’s Church, a converted ornate Roman Catholic monastery. The show featured bands Ancient Babies, the Bitter Chills, the Clydes, C.R. and the Degenerates, dollys, Ken De Poto, and Fairmont, among others. The 2017 show saw the addition of other NJ indie labels including Bar/None Records, Killing Horse Records and Little Dickman Records, more bands and variety of sponsors.

The NJIRF’s 2018 season saw the festival’s last exposure under the ‘NJIRF’ vision. The biggest show of the three seasons, it combined the efforts of Sniffling Indie Kids, Mint 400, Little Dickman Records, Mint 400 Records, Rhyme & Reason Records, Sniffling Indie Kids and State Champion Records in combination. Bands included were Black Wail, the Components, Dentist, Exmaid, Glazer, Glenn Morrow’s Cry for Help, Guilty Giraffe, LKFFCT, Professor Caveman, the Royal Arctic Institute, Tony Saxon, Secretary Legs, Shithead’s Rainbow, Smock, Ultra Major, the Vaughns, and Yawn Mower. In this season, the show found a home at Jersey City’s largest music entertainment venue, White Eagle Hall.

The 2019 INDIE BINGE is the next logical step to the predecessor event NORTH JERSEY INDIE ROCK FESTIVAL, and of the Jersey City/North New Jersey music scene. Keeping it even more accessible, to the folks who have participated and been fans, will be a welcomed adjustment and surge of even better energy.

At Pet Shop and of the show, there will be an upstairs stage, upstairs solo acoustic stage and a third, downstairs Wine Bar stage. The venue has an amazing beer & wine menu as well as great bar & vegetarian food which will be available all day for us to enjoy.

See further details here at the event’s FACEBOOK page, and tell them that you’re coming.

Pioneer The Eel @pioneertheeel
Well Wisher @wellwishernj
Blue Vervain @bluevervainnj
Quality Living @qualitylivingband
Ruby Bones @rubybonesband
Phoneboy @phoneboymusic
LKFFCT @lkffct
The 65’s @the65s
Rosy Bengal
The mercury Brothers @TheMercuryBrothers
The Extensions @theextensionsband
Scary Hours @scaryhoursnj
Sonofdov @sonofdov
Elijah Wolf @elijahwolfnyc
Tom Barrett
Nicholas Maratta & Jeff Mckeoin
Ryan Levasseur Of the Minus Scale @ryanwellfleet
Bug Martin @bugmartinband
C.R. Gennone
Jerry Lardieri Of The Brixton Riot
The Racer @theracermusic
Dave Mooney
The Components @thecomponentsband
The Furies @furiesrock
Honey Wild @HoneyWildBand
Grasser @grasserband
The Prids @theprids
Guilty Giraffe @GuiltyGiraffe
John Cozz & The Rippers @johncozzmusic
The Ellis Wilkinson Band @theelliswilkinsonband
Tri-State @TriStateTheBand
The Clydes @TheClydesMusic
* Gene Balker (Band Nightmares)


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