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Indigo De Souza’s Single ‘Home Team’ Off Of Album ‘I Love My Mom’.

Our relationship started to fall apart, when we became score keepers. Yes. You do me wrong when you cross me with little annoying things that you do. And I admit it; I keep you annoyed with getting revenge on you. But I blame you for my spitefulness. You probably blame me for my spitefulness on my misbehavior too.

Why can’t we get along? I’d asked about that, to myself, so many time. But I just don’t have an answer.

We’d been so good together, weren’t we?

We shopped for pine apples, and we asked each other to smell them to see which was at the perfect ripe time.

I sucked on your lollipop, so we can share our saliva.

We were that close.


Now it feels like it’ll be over very soon.

And I can’t stop it.

Indigo De Souza is a band based out of Asheville, North Carolina and depicts very cool and all very personal stories. Detailed as they could get, some lyrics show what their thoughts and momentary ‘lapses’ could have been. Close call.

It’s a fun, bedroom/garage pop that we were eager to lap up.

The band’s first full length album, ‘I Love My Mom’ is available now.



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