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Indigo Waves // Pin Ups // John J Presley // Night Lights // Afterwords

Indigo Waves – Mountain Calling

With gentle guitar picking and tumultuous scenarios depicted in the lyrics, ‘Mountain Calling’ is a call back to the basics in painting of beauty. “Being based out of Utah, Mountains are a big part of our lives. The song was intended to portray the beauty, magic, and brutality that we get to see every day.” Being a product of nature, our human intellects sometimes wash out the majesty that surrounds us every day. We are sometimes dismissive of the giant goodness that surrounds our civil society. In nature, the concept of danger or beauty exist. It is a reflection of our own human thoughts and short-comings that gives awe. It is the ultimate looking glass, into our inner and bare soul.

Pin Ups – You Make Me Feel So Sick

Taking the best of 70’s art-punk and psyche-rock aesthetics, London based band PIN UPS make short work of it all. The succinct and vibrant guitars, working in contrast to the indelible obsessiveness in the lyrics, the acts that pour out of the valiant and narcotic verbal torrents, deck you out to pasture to dry. The rains fall, and you’re all wet. The sun shines, but you’re still on the ground, defeated from the massive and dextrous musical pace. ‘You Make Me Feel So Sick’ is refreshing, to say the least.

John J Presley – Rise And Fall

Off of the upcoming debut album ‘As The Night Draws In’ (January 25th, 2019) by JOHN J PRESELY, the single ‘Rise And Fall’ is a forward march to the seaside from the interior of the land. The pounding bass drum, gets into your soul, with the guitar’s naked and abstract stripping of inhibitions, make you dance on the table. The fuzz makes you notice, and the vibrating vocals of bluesman John, halts your from breathing. The expectations of the end, is nye. Long live…vive le JOHN J PRESLEY.

Night Lights – Talk To Me (Stripped)

‘Talk To Me’ is distinguished by the airy vocals and guitars, smoothed by the deliciously rolling drums. It’s just like a cooling ride in your convertible in dusk through the desert highway. The sanctity of freedom is written all over the notes of ‘Talk To Me’. It invariably makes you fall in love with the situation, the interaction, the environment of your footprint. There is a delightful innocence and radiance to the single that is obvious and precious. Mau Jimenez (Vocals), Yusuke Sato (Guitar) and Dag Eirik Hanken (Drums) make up this project named NIGHT LIGHTS and the combination of multi-continent (Mexico, Japan, Norway), joining to construct this fabulousness, just takes you aback. Respect.

Afterwords – The Deep End

‘The Deep End’ is the title track off of AFTERWORDS’ upcoming EP (February 2019). With heavy chords and tantalizing staggering of notes, ‘The Deep End’ tells of a day when love was in full bloom. The protagonist insatiably seek out the irregular longing for the past. But nothing in the future seems to be working, without the obvious entrapments residues of love have enveloped. He would have dove deep into the love of destruction, if need be. But nothing that was tried, worked. Being beside himself, the current world was not enough for him. A new place of peace and start was needed. Can he survive this love torn disdain?


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