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inFictions Shares Dynamic & Ephemeral Single ‘Airtight’.

inFICTIONS is a project of Ed Cartledge, where his thoughts and emotions have a platform for deviance, activism, and dynamic presentation in what rock music can be. And especially with ‘Airtight’, that is evident and with the righteous arrangement in the single’s aesthetics is multiplied to new heights with the layered and thought-through talents.

The song is about ‘the diesel scandal and urban pollution’.

And it’s an art piece that if it had a dancing element that can equate, it would be any works by Martha Graham.

From the shores of Tripoli, to the Mountains of the Tibetan peaks, ‘Airtight’ holds your hand, never letting go, and whispering anticipations of what’s to come, and what could be (or what has been).

Quite a ride in such short, ephemeral minutes.

‘Vanity Project’ the album, is available now.




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