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Infinite Bisous – Teen Sex

Infinite Bisous’ Teen Sex warms your heart, warms your soul, breathes her hot breath into those cold mittens bought for you last holiday – and it’s a tribute to R&B after-date innuendos.

We want sex sometimes. Well, lots of times. It’s normal – at least that’s what the doctors tell us.

You met her at the corner shop. She was picking out some fruit, for her snack later that evening (you supposed). Your first impression of her was that she was cute, really cute. She was a strawberry blond girl, with skinny figure, but with plenty of sex appeal. Her hair was cut short, and they frizzed a bit in the air. It got into her face whenever a very slight breeze came her way. She’d brush them aside, with a sudden giggle at her predicament with her hair. It seemed to be a minute by minute struggle for her.

“Hi,” you said. Skipping the formality of a flirtatious ice breaker. She glanced, and replied, “Hi” back to you. She smiled a bit.

In your wisdom, you noticed that she seemed intrigued, immediately. Your interest in her, knowing that fact, heightened 10 fold.

Confidence growing, and other hormone levels growing as well, the conversation lengthened.

Next day, you wanted to get some fruit and decided to walk to the same corner store.

She followed, smiling and holding your hand.

At least that was a happy ending for both of them, right?

And that is what this song by IB, is to us – a very sexually charged, dating apparatus. LOL.

It’s a cool song, for sure.



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