Infralyd ‘Rain’ : Embedded truths of a personal resistance – hope – wonder.


Marchel Mørk is the mind and heart of the project, Infralyd. A sensual relegation of the most intricate, ‘Rain’ drenches with light hearted piano steps, describing wistful unpredictabilities, and honestly embedded truths of a personal resistance – hope – wonder.

Captivated by soothing melodies, spheric soundscapes, and fragile compositions, the Danish musician Infralyd operates within the realm of electronic minimalism, combining the structural elements of electronic music with the space and vulnerability of ambient and neoclassical music.

Marchel Mørk also constitutes one half of the electronic instrumental duo BYLJA, which among other things has performed at the SPOT Festival in Denmark. Now with his new solo project, Marchel created where he can, in the push to explore the more diffused and atmospheric side of his musical desires.

The organic sound of Infralyd is the result of a daydreaming mind attracted to calm and beautiful things. And in that precipice of liquid grounds, Infralyd and Marchel, delivers sanity of art and impressionable bounty.


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