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Iñigo Montoya Shares ‘MDTG’. “Psyche made to order. In this dimension and next.”

There are rare time when bands or outfits embody their core efforts to fulfilling for their audience, a complete visual and sonic experience. When you get to the band, Iñigo Montoya, that notion gets very close.

In their latest, the visceral catechism you feel when you listen to the single ‘MDTG’ is, in short, bombastically truculent; vibe-ing in catastrophe of message, while it entertains with that psyche irreverence we all can relate to.

The Paris based band does it again and again.

The band is made up of Pierre Plantin, Quentin Convard, David Baudart, and Louis Delorme.

This adventure started four years ago with the release of Inigo Montoya’s first EP. Since then, the band has grown, experienced incredible moments and keeps on ticking.

Full speed ahead.



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