Injizera ‘Youth in Asia’ : “Let’s dance those memories away”, the energy of the song touts.


Alfred Holmgren and Sanna Fjällborg bring electro-pop and the willingness for survival in the project Injizera. A dip into the darkness of life, individual devotions, sultry condemnations, and ultimate road to a possibility – the duo invites you to a gathering of apropos magnificence, both honorable and real.

‘Youth In Asia’ is, Sanna’s “first-hand report from the city’s seedy underbelly, drawing inspiration from her formative years working as a scantily clad modern geisha at various ‘girls bars'”. And with the sense of a 12 year footprint in Tokyo, Sanna’s feelings of excitement and disappointments, mix in dynamically into a cocktail of vigor. A sense of regretful and cavalier discernment that changes in acidic orientation and self awareness.

“It’s just business. A fulfilling of demands,” some would say. And when entered, there’s always a good and the bad. A balancing act that is of two main characters: the protagonist and the environment. And within that story the paramount and prevalent collaborate to deliver the reality that seems so appropriate, at the time.

Desires and domination, conjuring severity and undeniable ire for the underworld.

Sanna accepts the past. A past that angered her of the unfairness of life.

Silence and millions of memories burst into the mind of, the one. The one, for whom, reality meant existing and surviving. Is it enough? Is it enough to run from he depths of one’s history?

Yes. Must try. Must resist. Must evolve.

Sanna talks with a warning, but when the layers are stripped away, she wants her listeners to move on – to move forward – to take strength from that history, to be the best you can, for the “cesspool of sexism, racism and violence underneath” is a part of the human condition. It is a built in process that can only be limited by that exact environment.

Contrasts and irony, dilapidate the corners of this world, but do we need to give up?

Sanna thinks, that it’s up to you to break through, and start anew.



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