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Inkfields Shares ‘Petrichor’. That’s Where It Comes Alive.

It sounds a bit out-of-this-world, but from the first note of this single ‘Petrichor’ from ‘INKFIELDS, we thought we were being transported to an awesome ‘spaghetti western’ staring that granite jawed hero who’d searching for the ‘truth’ that was ‘hidden’ from his life of faults and mis-steps.

And heck, it sounded like a ‘western’ (albeit a very modern kind of western) throughout the course of the song. The transportation was complete when the bridge kicked in and we were hazed by the galactic schisms, parted directly in the middle of our skulls.

Of course, this song has much of the pop elements, including soul, rock, jazz, and maybe a smidgen of gospel.

And that’s where it comes alive. The mix is that ‘silver lining’.

Sam James-Griffiths is the man on this little ship across the Universe, and his musical sensibilities provide some refreshing take on making sound.

Kudos, to that.

‘Petrichor’ is off of the new 4 single EP, ‘The Great Basin’, available now.



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