Inner Oceans ‘Islands 777’ : A Summa Cum Laude student for the tragic and then maybe, ultimate contentment.

Inner Oceans

“I wrote this song the first month after my divorce,” said Inner Oceans. “‘Islands 777’ was the epiphany moment that flew me above the clouds where I could see a new horizon. It altered my perspective and alchemized the loss into something transcendent – where the sea of love dominates.”

Griffith Snyder heads this project that is, itself, a monument towards the grand beauty and farcicality that could be: ‘life’. The landscapes of synth and drums, grizzles your ambition for tagging along. A journey where one has seen, but many can relate – that is what Inner Oceans – a Summa Cum Laude student for the tragic and then maybe, ultimate contentment – can translate so well, to our ears of needs and desperations.

“I wanted to make songs that my 10 year old self would think are rad.”


Inner Oceans’ mid-fi headphone landscapes balance genre-bending sonic textures with pop that makes being ‘rad’, delicious.


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