INNOMUNO ‘Reason To Live’ : A beautiful ballad of the best kind.


His name is Innocent Tswamuno, and this is his 2nd single launched under his solo project INNOMUNO. A feel-good ballad through and through, showcasing his bilingual background with a verse in his native Shona language. It’s a beautiful ballad of the best kind.

INNOMUNO is keeping the positive vibes alive with his latest offering and sophomore single “Reason To Live”. A feel-good ballad through and through, “Reason To Live” is a brief glimpse of sunlight shining through some otherwise troubling times. Recorded both in English and his native Shona, with two versions showcasing the versatile songwriters’ bilingual background, the song is a testament to strong relationships “holding you down” during times of need. As INNOMUNO works his way towards his first cumulative offering, “Reason To Live” is sure to hold people down and lift their spirits up in the meantime.

Seek out the small inspirations in your life, until you can fly with wings fully unfurled. Life is un-fair, but love can put things right once more, at the right moment.

We think INNOMUNO would say: “Keep going. Let’s thrive together.”

‘Reason to Live’ is a beautiful ballad of the best kind. Listen.

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