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Insecure Men – Subaru Nights

Insecure Men’s Subaru Nights is a song made for a movie about a psychotic murderer who the audience falls in love with, because he is a not-so-perfect murderer.

After a long day of regular day job stuff, Renton enters his home’s front door. The night is dark, with a bit of chill in the air. Fall is coming. He takes off his shoes, sets them on the side, neatly. He notices that there’s not too much dust where his group of footwear lie. He notices that he has many more boots than regular sneakers. He doesn’t remember why that has become. He shrugs silently to himself, and moves on to the bathroom.

His bladder was full from the ride home from work. When the seatbelt was on, it was evident that he should have gone to the bathroom at the office, before he left for home. It felt good peeing, he thought.

After cleaning up, he remembered there was a new show he wanted to see tonight. The network had advertised this for several weeks. The magazines noted the new show as well, saying that it’s just the next great thing. He was skeptical. But still was a little excited.

Remote in hand, turned on the TV. With the take home dinner in front of him, Renton was content.

“Would you pass me the salt, Meyer?”

Renton noticed that Meyer didn’t reply. How rude of him. Typical of him, too.

Well, can’t blame Meyer for that. He only has a head.

“I’ll always be your friend, no matter how much you are useless at home.”

Yep. That’s what we think of when listening to this song from Insecure Men. We think Saul Adamczewski, the producer behind Insecure Men, is very creative, for sure.

When one song brings out weird stuff like this from us, it’s a good sign.

Kudos Saul, kudos. We’re pretty sure it’s not what you were thinking when writing Subaru Nights, but two thumbs up from us, anyways.

In conclusion, we like. We like it lots.

Give it a go!

Oh, and we know. CHF is weird too LOL.

Insecure Men (Saul Adamczewski):

Fat Possum Records:


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