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Instupendo // Gino Lee // Jenna Lotti // SOMA // VYO

Instupendo – Cinderella

Aidan Peterson is INSTUPENDO and he shouts without screaming in ‘Cinderella’. The voice of the voiceless, glimmer between the Rose and the Daffodils. Off of his upcoming Boys by Girls EP (June 5th), this alt-pop extravaganza of an artist asks the right questions of you – of us – of all. ‘Boys By Girls’ is his 3rd EP and in it his melancholic directions find solace within the folds. This also is the first time he’s ‘shown’ his own vocals, for an even more ethereal adaptation. Experimenting with textures and methods is where Aidan flourishes. His continuing surge in melodies stride into town with confidence in this latest. Look for him; search for him.

Gino Lee – Rules To Success

Sony ATV singer/songwriter, Gino Lee, writes with passion. Sings with the meaning of life through the normality of hearts broken and mended, once more. “I wrote it when I got out of a toxic relationship that put me in a very bad place,” said Gino. “It questions if someone is better off alone and what it takes to be happy on your own.” With the unadulterated truth of emotions that intermingle and devastate, Gino’s calculatingly soft approach to his songs, melt the tops of mountains, with equal success and vigor.

Jenna Lotti – Deep

JENNA LOTTI started writing poetry for self-medication. Keyboard in one side, she knew singing was the right path. One day her friends convinced her to play a Boston open mic. The positive response captured her subdued expectation, and subsequently amplified a desire that she never knew existed. Now with velvety vocals in hand, on top of the mix of pop and r&b soulfulness she innately exude, her single ‘Deep’ captures the ideology of a love that is between two potential lovers. Jenna is keen on opening up about subject that hit her hard: anxiety and depression. “Deep explores someone close to me,” the artist stated, “finding refuge in alcohol to escape depression. Outward appearances are painstakingly normal but alone they are sinking deeper into despair and don’t know how to crawl out”.

SOMA – Don’t Believe Them

We’d been a bit slow to really get to SOMA. Her music is beautiful, intrinsic, dynamic, and valiant in all of its facets. And in ‘Don’t Believe Them’ the artist based in Sweden, gets your blood going as the beats and hooks embellish the dankness of life’s little and utter situations. With sensibilities of Kieza, the perpetual deliciousness is just delectable to listen to. SOMA is the anthem you’d needed today. And she’s not keen to let go. ‘Don’t Believe Them’ will make you stand and be noted. The Helsinki Finland native (now permanently based in Stockholm Sweden) grooves to the Universe and she doesn’t want to let you go. The nu-disco flavor of pop will get you every time.

VYO – Our Chemistry

First release for artist VYO and in ‘Our Chemistry’ is strength upon strength. From palpable beats and synth technotronic elements, seduce with clarity within VYO’s vocals. With r&b/soul/blues based framing, the single trips around the world with nu-disco attentions and dazzles. With a jolt of additional production for her upcoming EP we should be able to see the full harnessed power of what VYO can bring to the table. We see plenty, but we want even more from this sultry songstress from France.


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