InTechnicolour ‘Shaker’ : Expanse of open desert highway, where the sun grips you into a new resurgence.


You wanted it? You needed it. Never knew you’d be so into it. You’d never known such thing existed. InTechnicolour’s single ‘Shaker’ is that expanse of open desert highway, where the sun grips you into a new resurgence – of myopic inquisition and profound excitement. For what’s beyond. For what’s over that horizon. For the new you.

In that tradition of great bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Baroness and Gojira, the gang in InTechnicolour surprises you in the most delicious way when listening to this and other singles from their latest LP ‘Big Sleeper’. A consequential addition of rapturous and heavy guitar riffs, magnificent drive of the pace, and a complete offering of vocals, guitar solos, and attitude, all combine effortlessly.

Brighton UK originating InTechnicolour is a veritable hulk on the live stage, as in the last year-or-so they have supported Black Peaks as well as heading out on the road as part ofUpset Magazine’s ‘About ToBreak’ tour alongside fellow rising rock acts Bitch Falcon, Drones and Haggard Cat

Really. Listen. And rock with this fabulous band.


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